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Ak-Tash Winter Yurt Camp

Ak-Tash (which means "white stone" in Kyrgyz) lies at the foot of the great forests of Chong Kyzyl Suu Valley. The red rock hills form an incredible contrast between the blue Issyk Kul lake and the large meadows covered with edelweiss. In summer, the Ak-Tash yurt camp provides a stopover for overnight stays if you come on horseback or by foot from the Jukku Valley or Jeti Oguz. In winter, yurts become a base camp for ski touring. An ideal place to enjoy the slopes of Siuttu Bulak, Giukiuro, Burgan-Suu, and the mountains overlooking the Kichi-Kyzyl-Suu Gorge.

Jyrgalan Backcountry Base

Jyrgalan village is located 60 km east of Karakol town, in the Issyk Kul Oblast. Jyrgalan is a mountain village built at an altitude of 2250 meters, during the Soviet era for the exploitation of coal. The mine now closed, the inhabitants of the village have decided to form an ecotourism community and to develop year-round tourism in this little-known region.

In 2021, the community offered 8 homestays, 2 yurt camps and 1 guesthouse. There is no ski lift, but a snow-cat and snowmobiles.

Karakol Ski Resort

The ski resort of the Kyrgyz SSR team, now a commercial ski resort with 2 hotels and lodges. It's part of the National Park of Karakol. There are many facilities in the resort, but you can also find cheap accommodation in the town of Karakol.

There are several slopes for all levels, but it is above all a resort for good skiers. Freeriders and walkers will find something to be satisfied with. From the station, there are several routes for ski touring.

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